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Psy.D., R.Psych



Exciting News!

Dr. Oliver will be adding a Master's level practicum student to her practice starting in May 2024. This student will be providing services free of cost under the guidance of Dr. Oliver. Should you wish to be screened for appropriateness and considered for a spot, please 'contact me' below and be sure to include your name, phone number, and a brief comment on what you are wishing to treat. Thank you!


Empowering and supporting individuals while traveling alongside them in their treatment journey


Evidence-Based Practice


Culturally Competent 


Sensitive to the complex histories of each individual


A fellow community member 

Psychologist Located in Penticton

Dr. Oliver is highly committed to offering a comfortable and supportive environment, in which each client's individual needs are respected and discussed without judgement. Her approach is highly personalized. She works together with her clients in order to tailor a service that fits each person's unique needs. She is passionate about helping each client reach their goals and achieve personal and relational growth that they are striving towards.


Contact Me

Please be aware that the front desk is not staffed full-time and therefore, if you need to discuss services offered, contact Dr. Oliver directly at

778-531-2786 or


Your first step to wellness starts with an email! Be sure to include enough information to give Dr. Oliver an idea of what type of services you are looking for or what challenges you are facing, however, please limit discussion of confidential or personal information.

#111-725 Carmi Avenue

Penticton, BC V2A 3G8

Tel: 778-531-2786
Fax: 778-653-0946

Thanks for submitting!

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